Children's Interior Design

I can recover an existing lampshade for $15-$30 depending on the size, or I can start from scratch for $20 on up, again depending on size (night light shades can be done for $10)
Papers & fabrics to coordinate with your decor- the ribbon here is a satin- not glittery as it appears for some reason!

Collages to fit your kids interests $40 each

Table tops to match decor- here a collage of favorite transportation book covers is preserved under a "bar coat"- basically a very hard, durable, waterproof, and thick epoxy- this table has been in heavy use for 3 years by my son and looks like it did the day I made it
Anything can be used- photos, copies of book covers or game boxes, small trinkets like coins or jewelry, even fabric
A "redo" for an existing table would be about $75-$100 based on the size of table and if any prep work would be needed. I'd also be glad to "hunt" for a piece to makeover for you- just let me know your budget!

Letters to match decor or theme
These are in my daughter's room- Butterflies, Flowers, and Cupcakes
I'm also interested in helping you with the interior design of your child's room or playroom. From colors and fabrics to storage and organization of all the STUFF! I love coming up with budget friendly designs that your kids will love. My hourly rate for design services is $35

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